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The tours in Portugal are a nationally recognised festival with an international presence. Other dance groups from different countries have also participated including Greece, Ireland, Russia, Peru, Mexico, Turkey and many, many more.

The tour of India (1989) was an exceptional tour, not only was it inspirational, but also spiritual. In India, Nachdey Hasdey learnt more about their skills and traditions of Bhangra. After appearing on Indian television, the group was approached by officials from the Indian film industry. The group was invited to participate in current film productions, but unfortunately the offer had to be turned down due to short notice and a tight schedule

Regular contracts have been signed for European tours to attend annually.

International Folk Dance Festivals:

  • Indian (1989)
  • Portugal (1989/ 90/ 91, 1994, 1996 and 2000)
  • Ireland (1993 and 2003)
  • Greece (1995)