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The origins of Bhangra as a form of music and dance go back many centuries. However, a specific time cannot be established when the sound of Bhangra became the music of Punjab. Dancing and singing has always been a way of life for the villagers and townsfolk living in the area. Historically, the majority of work that was carried out in the Punjab was that of farming.

It has been said that Bhangra and its music originates from the farmers who sing while tending their fields, sowing the seeds and cutting the crops at harvest time to take to the markets. Many of the movements of Bhangra are centred on the whole aspect of tending to the land and the growing of crops. As most of the work was carried out by the men and young boys this is reflected in the dancing, which is very boisterous and has a very macho feel about it

As Punjabi people have migrated to different parts of the world, the sound of Bhangra has also travelled; this has allowed Bhangra to be adapted to reach wider audiences. They have held high one of the highest traditions in Punjabi Heritage.

Bhangra dancing is done at many happy and auspicious occasions and is seen as the dance of India.